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Banting House National Historic Site

Address:442 Adelaide Street North
London, ON, N6B 3H8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village

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Category:Museums & Galleries / Virtual Experience / Not For Profit

Acquired by the Diabetes Canada 1981, Banting House Museum opened in 1984 with the rooms Banting occupied – bedroom, office, and dispensary – restored to reflect his period of occupancy.

Recognized as “the site of the defining moment in the discovery of insulin” by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, Banting House became a national historic site of Canada in 1997. Today, Diabetes Canada preserves the commemorative integrity of Banting House National Historic Site and presents the messages of national historic significance of Sir Frederick Banting.

Through self-guided tours, enhanced with commentary from experienced guides, visitors are introduced to life and career of a national hero who accomplishment to Canada are often overshadowed by the life-saving legacy of insulin. Other highlights include his London practice and the bedroom where he conceived his idea that led to the discovery of insulin; his artwork, completed under the tutelage of AY Jackson; his military and medical research contributions in both World Wars as well as his untimely death.

Adjacent is Sir Frederick G. Banting Square which offers an expanded ceremonial and serene garden where the public can relax and reflect. Home to the Flame of Hope and Banting Statue unveiled by the Queen Mother, and the stylized Globe representing Canada’s gift of insulin to the world.
Come experience the life and career of one of our most celebrated international heroes and the man voted Canada’s fourth greatest Canadian. Discover the man you thought you knew.

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