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Blackfriars Bistro & Catering

Address:46 Blackfriars St.
London, ON, N6H 1K7

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Blackfriars

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  • Features:
    • Accessible
    • Vegetarian Menu
  • Dining Options:
    • Patio Dining
    • Indoor Dining
    • Takeout

Category:Food & Drink

An Authentic Farm-to-Table Experience. The cuisine at Blackfriars Bistro combines precise technique and skill with quality, hand-selected ingredients. The restaurant supports and depends on indie farmers, sustainable fisheries, local artisans and craftspeople for seasonally changing offerings. Owner Emanuela Frongia and chef Bryan Lavery ensure that the cooking and hospitality celebrates the farm-to-table experience, food, drink, and authentic flavours grown in southwestern Ontario.

In 1996, Betty Heydon and chef/food writer Bryan Lavery founded Blackfriars Bistro. Lavery went on to open the acclaimed former Murano restaurant and recently returned to Blackfriars to help guide it through the pandemic. This neighborhood bistro housed in a heritage building (formerly a broom factory), situated in one of London’s oldest communities just west of London’s downtown core, draws guests from all over the city and beyond. The bistro’s namesake, Blackfriars Bridge, two blocks east, is a stunning, recently refurbished 19th-century wrought iron bridge. From the beginning, Blackfriars staff was committed to doing things with generosity, innovation, and attention to detail. From Lavery’s first 4-star review, “Food gets star billing at new Blackfriars,” the chefs continue to be consistently celebrated for the seasonality and authenticity of the cuisine and their innovative approach to the culinary arts. This is an authentic farm-to-table experience.

In addition to the dining room, there is a patio at the side of the building for alfresco dining. Blackfriars is renowned for its catering operations. At Blackfriars Bistro & Catering all the food is prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, in-house by a staff of experienced chefs. Tell them your favourite flavours or leave the menu design to them. Blackfriars customize menus to reflect your special requirements. Some of Blackfriars’ fans know the restaurant more for their catering expertise as one of London’s premier caterers.

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