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Boutique Firenze

Address:189 Adelaide St. S., Unit 3
London, ON, N5Z 3K7

Districts / Neighbourhoods:South London

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Boutique Firenze imports fine Italian gloves made from lambskin, colourful scarves in many fabrics including silk, linen, cashmere blends and easy to wear acrylic. They carry styles for men and women, to give everyone a touch of affordable and practical elegance.
Boutique Firenze has expanded its Italian product selection to include small leather goods, fine toiletries, jewellery, stationery and Murano glass. In addition, they are pleased to showcase a variety of beautiful Canadian accessories and gifts made by artisans from London and across the country, including a wide selection of products designed by First Nations artists.
Please check their Facebook & Instagram pages for updates, and share our news with your friends — they appreciate their loyal customers. See you soon-- a presto!

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