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Address:265 Maitland St.
London, ON, N6B 2Y3

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Downtown London, Old East Village

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Childreach was founded by a local pediatrician - Dr. John McKim - in 1975 as a way to support families. It started out as a telephone warmline to connect parents to community resources and gradually expanded over the years to include parent workshops, community playgroups and a toy library!

Parents and children alike love visiting the playroom and the community sites. They offer both indoor and outdoor play settings geared to children from birth to 6 years old. Their award-winning WILD CHILD playgroup is offered three times weekly in the forest all year-round in all types of weather. They believe in child-led experiences, so it's a new adventure every time! And ALL of the playgroups are drop-in and FREE. No registration required.

Their toy library is the only toy library in southwestern Ontario, and it houses over 1,500 items to borrow from including games, puzzles, and large play equipment. A one-year membership costs $35 - basically the price of one toy! It's a great way to try out new toys, save money, and free up space at home!

Childreach also offers one-on-one parent support! If you have a question or need someone to talk to about parenting, their Parent Connect service is a FREE telephone and email service to parents and others experiencing family life or parenting challenges. They can listen, support and guide parents who are upset or troubled about a family issue, have parenting-related questions or just need someone to speak to. Simply call, email or visit. They're here to help.

Childreach also has parent workshops to build your parenting toolbox! All parents benefit from our FREE 8-week program called Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting. There are times in all parents’ lives when the challenge seems overwhelming. Sometimes we lose control of our emotions, or feel helpless, or resort to shouting and hitting. Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting (PDEP) was designed to help parents learn how to teach children effectively, while respecting their rights. It’s an approach that can guide all interactions with children, not just the challenging ones, to promote healthy child development and strong parent-child relationships.

Children don't come with instructions. Parenting is the hardest job there is, but it's also the most important job you'll ever have. They are here to help for free.

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