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Churis Bread

Address:1040 Adelaide St. N., Unit 1
London, ON, N5Y 2m9

Districts / Neighbourhoods:East London, North London

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  • Dining Options:
    • Delivery
    • Indoor Dining
    • Takeout

Category:Retail / Food & Drink

Churis Bread is a proud family business, which was born on a Sunday morning five years ago. From that moment their home started to smell of fresh bread every morning. There is nothing better than the smell of bread baking. At Churis Bread they believe that a bread must be fresh, using a long process of fermentation to extract the maximum flavour and texture of them like their grandmas used to do. Their products are created every day from scratch without any preservative or unknown ingredient. They are passionate about producing great breads, pastries and cakes.

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