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    Address:Innovation Works - 201 King St
    London, ON, N6A 1C9

    Districts / Neighbourhoods:South London, Downtown London

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    Category:Professional Services

    CICERO is a team of digital marketers and content creators passionate about strengthening communities and creating a positive impact wherever they can.

    They understand that businesses, organizations, and individuals have a responsibility to leave our world better than how they found it. Likewise, they know the immense power of the digital world and have dedicated their careers to supporting their clients to achieve their goals and affect positive change, individually, locally, nationally, or globally.

    They make visions a reality and amplify the voices of brands that care about their social and environmental impact. We do this by providing a full range of digital marketing solutions with the passion and attention of a boutique agency.

    Some of the services we provide include:

    Complete Digital Marketing Packages
    Business Start-Up Service
    Website Design
    Social Media Marketing
    Graphic Design
    Email Marketing

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