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Create Balance Pilates Inc.

Address:1828 Blue Heron Dr., Unit 14
London, ON, N6H 0B7

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Hyde Park

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Category:Virtual Experience / Sports & Fitness

Established in 2006, Create Balance Pilates Studio is known for its program variety, high-quality instruction, and positive energy. They are an intimate studio with an amazing team of trainers. They thrive on providing a warm and welcoming environment – somewhere for everyone to safely and effectively learn and practice PILATES. Pilates is known to be an intelligent method of exercise that will strengthen your body, engage your mind, and nourish your spirit.

This studio offers Get Started/Introductory and Rehabilitation Programs, Private & Semi-Private instruction, as well as over 40 weekly group classes to choose from! They are movement specialists dedicated to teaching effective and responsible exercise to people of all ages and fitness abilities.

New to the studio? Everyone new to the studio receives 2 FREE classes. One online LIVE and one in studio! Contact Create Balance Pilates Studio to get set up.

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