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Drexel Industries

Address:100 Kellogg Lane
London, ON, N5W 0B4

Districts / Neighbourhoods:East London, Old East Village, South London

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Category:Professional Services

Drexel is a wholesale distribution and 3rd party logistics service provider. Through a strong core of strategic partners including telecommunications service providers, national retailer partners and regional players, Drexel connects homes to a variety of products and services throughout Canada.
DROP SHIPPING AND ECOMMERCE ORDER FULFILLMENT: They help you realize the full power of ecommerce. With their drop shipping and order fulfillment services, it's easy to start your ecommerce business or sell through a trusted retailer. They deliver a turnkey process designed for your convenience—lowering your upfront costs, enabling scalability, and removing the burden of supply chain management. By partnering with Drexel, you can leverage our advanced logistics capabilities and strong retail partnerships to reach more customers. Rest assured that your products will arrive on time, as expected, thanks to same-day shipping and 100% inventory accuracy. they'll even handle any returns on your behalf. If you want to succeed in today's competitive marketplace, you need a partner who can support your business with robust order fulfillment capabilities. Consumers expect a swift and hassle-free experience without surprises. At Drexel, that's exactly what they deliver.

WAREHOUSING AND 3PL: Whether you need a dedicated or shared space, Drexel can custom build a scalable solution that supports your current and future warehousing needs. As your needs change you can scale operations up or down, without paying for space or service you're not using. As part of our warehousing and 3PL services they'll securely store your products, support you with pick 'n' pack and container de-stuffing and arrange truck load, less than truckload (LTL) and courier shipments to brick and mortar stores. Their facility is equipped to handle all non-perishable inventory in a wide range of sizes—from small spare parts to high cube items. Whatever your business sells, they'll design a storage solution for optimal space, location, and cost-effectiveness. Drexel also supports larger retailers looking for a 3PL service provider to manage logistics and distribution, as well as small-to-medium businesses who want to fully outsource fulfillment so they can focus on their core competencies.


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