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En Avant Dance

Address:104-1712, Hyde Park Rd.
London, ON, N6A 1H2

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Hyde Park

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Category:Sports & Fitness

En Avant dance is a welcoming, inclusive and happy place to pursue your love of dance. Voted London’s favourite for dance classes two years in a row, They have classes from Baby Ballet up to Adult.
Their classes are taught by certified teachers with focus on teaching excellent technique at all levels.
For those committed dancers looking to compete, their Dance Company offers the opportunity to compete in 3 local competitions and one out of town, as well as participate in events in the community.
En Avant Dance has 2 theatre performances each year for all their dancers. Winter Wonder is the December show and there is a full costume recital mid to late June. They love to participate in the Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade, Pride Parade and several other community events.

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