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Filthy Rebena

Address:144 Wortley Rd.
London, ON, N6C 3P5

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Wortley Village

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  • Features:
    • Offers Curbside Pickup


A charming boutique in the heart of Wortley Village that offer men’s and women’s vintage clothing, accessories, footwear and housewares. Filthy Rebena also carries a wide range of cool Canadian-brands that include bags, hair accessories, hats, skincare and jewelry. The owners, Natalie and Darlene, are all about sustainability and all the products for sale are sustainable. This means that with a purchase from Filthy, you are supporting the environment while being fashionable at the same time! There is also a working, micro farm in the backyard called: Wortley Flower Farm. Every morning fresh, seasonal flowers are cut and made into bouquets and put out front of the shop. The flower farm also functions as a multi-use public space, inviting and evoking all sorts of garden discussions, providing a date location for a quiet coffee or a spot to Zen out with a yoga mat.

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