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Fire Roasted Coffee Company

Address:630 Dundas St.
London, ON, N5W 2Y8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village

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Category:Food & Drink / Retail

Fire Roasted Coffee Company has been roasting the finest beans from around the world for over 15 years. The roasters select the finest in ethically sourced, sustainable beans from the best growers in the world.
They use a blended approach of modern and traditional roasting teachings to ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee with every pour. All our beans are roasted by hand in small batches. Every blend and single sourced coffee is taste tested to meet the highest standards as you deserve the very best coffee, no matter how you enjoy your perfect cup.
 They strive to ensure consistency and the highest quality of coffee, as close to a perfect cup as can be achieved every single time. Visit the roastery and see how they perfect their process. They love to chat about all thing’s coffee!

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