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Address:1305 Commissioners Rd. E.
London, ON, N6M 0B8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:East London

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Category:Entertainment / Sports & Fitness

With just one ticket, Funvilla offers endless fun and entertainment. As we have no limit on time, you can stay as long as you wish and play as long as you like during the operational hours of the purchased ticket day. Funvilla ticket holders have the privilege to leave and come back to the facility during the same day if they have their personal wristband with them. We offer free Wi-Fi and comfy couches for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. Funvilla offers family entertainment for everyone. With so many attractions, you’ll have a lot to do and will never get bored. Our facilities include trampoline & basketball courts, Jumping Castle, Wall Climbing, Ninja Course, Battle Beams, Arcade games, Soft Play area with multiple slides, swings, bridges, dedicated toddler area and our Fun Café (please note that these attractions may vary according to location). Funvilla is always awaiting to serve you & boost your energy and our big screen TV’s add constant entertainment and colour to your fun day. One ticket and unlimited fun! Funvilla is that simple. You pay the price of one attraction and enjoy many more compare to what is out in the market. You have access to most of our activities with unlimited turns and unlimited time as long as we are open the day you purchased your Funvilla ticket. You can always get special discounts and offers by joining our fun family mailing list. Get benefits by purchasing our membership and multi-entry passes. You can’t get a better value for your money anywhere other than Funvilla.

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