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Heaven Scent

Address:169 Wortley Rd.
London, ON, N6C 3P6

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Wortley Village

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    • Offers Curbside Pickup

Category:Retail / Personal Services

Their mission is to support you in your journey toward health, happiness and wholeness and to provide a safe space for that transformation to unfold. They offer a comprehensive approach to both acute and chronic health conditions. Their clinic operates a general practice and provides care for a wide and varied range of people in London Ontario and surrounding area. They offer a variety of treatment options with natural & integrative medicine, massage, nutrition, biofeedback, allergy testing. Our therapists also offer Reflexology, Ionic Foot Detox Baths, Crystal therapies, Vibration therapies, weight management, acupuncture, allergy testing, HydraFacials, foot detoxes and more.
They are strongly committed to providing their clients with the highest quality in natural and integrative health care, while still working with other current medical treatments. They are happy to consult and work with other health care providers to give their patients the best care available.

Their commitment is to honour you and your choices. To provide guidance, education, and skills to support your goals so that you can experience your optimum health and highest personal potential.

Heaven Scent offers workshops and certification in my topics and therapies.

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