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Hyland Cinema

Address:240 Wharncliffe Rd. S.
London, ON, N6J 2L4

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Wortley Village

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The original 514-seat Hyland cinema opened as the Elmwood in the Depression-laden 1930s. The south London showplace offered double features made up of second-run movies. Later, it became a first-run art house specializing in British films such as Henry V, starring Laurence Olivier.
In 2001 the Hyland Cinema reclaimed its place as a true London landmark and acknowledged its cinema history in London. The new 414-seat single screen Hyland Cinema is independently owned and operated. It is newly renovated with an excellent projection and sound system as well as a new screen. The cinema will premiere the most up-to-date releases from the Toronto, Cannes, and Sundance Film Festivals.
The Hyland Cinema will provide a wonderful venue for viewing the best art and international films in the world, but it will also provide a more traditional and affordable night at the movies!

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