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India Paradise

Address:825 Southdale Rd. W.
London, ON, N6P 0B8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Byron, Lambeth, South London

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  • Features:
    • Accessible
    • Vegetarian Menu
    • Vegan Menu
  • Dining Options:
    • Delivery
    • Indoor Dining
    • Patio Dining
    • Takeout

Category:Food & Drink

Experience luxurious dining at India Paradise with a beautiful patio, a wide selection of drinks, and elevated food. Their chef has curated a unique menu that combines traditional Indian flavors with modern culinary techniques, using fresh ingredients and a perfect balance of spices.
You might fall in love with their Butter Chicken, Samosa, Lamb Curry, Kashmiri Naan, Biryani, Indo-Chinese, and Fresh Grills. They offer vegetarian and vegan options to suit every preference. Visit to enjoy a memorable dining experience!

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