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Jet Aircraft Museum

Address:2-2465 Aviation Lane
London, ON, N5V 3Z9

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Argyle

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Category:Museums & Galleries

The Jet Aircraft Museum, a charity, is open to the public every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The museum finds, acquires, restores and flies Heritage Canadian military aircraft flown by the Royal Canadian Aircraft from the early Jet Age through to the present. The Jet Aircraft Museum is a volunteer run organization that provides tours to the public that are accesible to all. The museum does have interactive displays that require some climbing. These include a T-33 Cockpit where children of all ages can feel what it was like to fly in a military jet. Visitors 14 and older can try the museums advanced cockpit simulators, where for a small fee, a visitor can fly like they are Top Gun. For larger groups, birthday parties or any questions you may have, contact or call 519-453-7000 during open hours.
The Museum runs an education program that teaches elementary school students the theory of flight (meeting Ontario grade 6 science cirriculum), If you are interested in finding out more about this program, please contact

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