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Kipps Lane Fish & Chips

Address:1050 Kipps Lane
London, ON, N5Y 4S5

Districts / Neighbourhoods:East London, North London

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  • Dining Options:
    • Takeout
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Category:Food & Drink

All of the fish served at Kipps Lane Fish & Chips is premium quality, wild-caught, sustainable and hand battered - served with their signature homemade tartar sauce. Their halibut comes primarily from the waters off the coast of Northern British Columbia and Alaska, while their haddock and cod come from the waters of North Labrador. They are all very mild in flavour due to their freshness, and can be enjoyed alone, with a fresh lemon slice, homemade tartar sauce or a splash or two) of malt vinegar. Or they are wonderful accompanied by our delicious golden french fries, homemade creamy coleslaw and a fresh dinner roll. We also offer a plethora of hand-breaded seafood such as Bay Scallops (Digby, N.S.), butterfly shrimp (Pacific), oysters (B.C.) calamari (Greece), etc.

They offer lots to choose from for non-fish lovers as well, with several dishes made with breaded chicken tenders and breasts, that are hand-cut, Canadian, hormone and steroid-free. Additionally we have several salads, including their signature homemade coleslaw that is hand-cut and creamy. All of the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and would love to take care of you. A lot has happened during their 50 years in business – recessions and boom times, wars and peace, carefree days and lockdowns, births and losses. Through it all, however, Kipps Lane Fish has always appreciated the mutual love and respect they share with customers. They hope to continue to enjoy serving their community and the London public for years to come.

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