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London Ergonomics

Address:1295 Riverbend Rd., Suite 280
London, Ontario, ON, N6K 0G2

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Hyde Park

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Category:Professional Services

Combined, the London Ergonomics team has over 45 years working experience in the employee health and wellness field. They have worked with some of the largest and most successful corporations in Ontario providing solutions to those who see the value in a strong and healthy team. They have learned about the growing need for Ergonomics in business as well as personal lives. A healthy workforce can reduce employee absenteeism and costly claims. A preventative Ergonomic program can extend the work life of your employees and increase the company’s productivity.

They are a dynamic company that offers a fresh approach into the world of ergonomics. Our professional Ergonomists have backgrounds with Kinesiology and Advanced Ergonomic Studies.

Their employees have a complex foundation of knowledge in biomechanics and human anatomy combined with ergonomic principles. With their comprehensive skills they perform detailed assessments that will help reduce the risk of injuries to your employees.

What stands them apart from other ergonomic organizations is our vast network of connections to the medical and wellness fields. Not only can they take care of your ergonomic needs, but we can assist in the overall health and wellbeing of your most important asset, your people. their enthusiasm for making employees healthier and happier is what drives them on a daily basis.

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