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Old Bagel House

Address:16 Base line Rd. W.
London, ON, N6J 1V2

Districts / Neighbourhoods:South London

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Category:Food & Drink / Retail

Today at The Bagel House, they serve 14 different kinds of bagels. To satisfy a little one, they have the Mini Bagel. For big appetites, they have either a Twister Bagel or a Bozo Bagel. They’ve also included some healthy choices for health conscious people.

They learned their craft after working many years at the venerable Montreal bagel bakeries, Real Bagel, Fairmount and St.Vaiteur. Their bagels are made using the same simple ingredients-water, yeast, flour, sugar, oil-no shortening. They are hand-rolled and boiled in honey-water to provide a crunchy-sweet exterior and baked a wood oven fueled by maple.
They continue to learn the craft of authentic Montreal-style bagels and  decided to decided these delicious bagels to introduce to Ontarians.

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