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Paradigm Spirits Co.

Address:100 Kellogg Lane
London, ON, N5W 0B4

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village, East London

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Paradigm Spirits Co. is a boutique craft distillery, located at 100 Kellogg Lane, London, Ontario.

Kellogg came to London in 1914 because of the abundance of corn and wheat grown in the region. It ensured a constant supply for their budding cereal business.

Today, long after Kellogg's departure, they produce ultra-premium spirits using the same grain crops from within the former cereal manufacturing facility to make award winning spirits like vodka, gin and whisky. The retail store is fully stocked with spirits and specialty cocktail related items like glassware, bitters, bartending tools and their nearly famous Chocolate Whisky Mallows.

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