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Playground Global Inc

Address:1305 Commissioners Rd. E.
London, ON, n6m 0b8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:South London

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Category:Sports & Fitness

The Playground London is located at 1305 Commissioners Road East and is positioned perfectly within the Activity Plex. This location is one of 7 locations across Ontario.

Playground Global's mission is to provide inclusive year round court sports and event spaces for everyone to use. Playground London has rental space spanning across 3 separate private areas and 5 unique playing surfaces. Our hardwood championship room provides access to a 600 seat bleacher system and is perfect for court sports, special events, and tournament competitions. Their HS and Youth hardwood court room is laid out perfectly for you to host multiple basketball, volleyball or special events at one time. Their third unique space is the "Lumber Yard". This area provides you with a unique indoor/outdoor 3 season activity space that can host a wide range of events.

Playground Global is the world's largest privately owned court sport facility and reaches millions of Canadians annually in foot traffic and digital impressions.

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