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Precision Fitness & Performance Centre

Address:1510 Woodcock St., Unit #4
London, ON, N6H 5S1

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Hyde Park

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Category:Sports & Fitness

Precision Fitness & Performance Centre (PFPC), is London, Ontario’s Premiere Sport Strength, Conditioning & Wellness Facility.

With over 24 years of professional experience, PFPC opened its doors in March 2013, and has quickly become London’s top athlete performance centre. Our team has worked with thousands of successful athletes from all sport backgrounds, including amateur, university, Olympic and professional.

PFPC specializes in the precise breakdown, analysis and enhancement of body movements and mechanics. Utilizing advanced testing software and established, authenticated, testing procedures they design and implement innovative, educational programming for private, partner, small groups and team settings.

Through the design and implementation of science-based strength and conditioning programs, PFPC sets the standard for individualized programming based on your body’s own unique requirements. Their team of qualified professionals place emphasis on the importance of athlete recovery and regeneration which ensures optimal performance enhancement.

Their objective is to provide clients with the knowledge, motivation, discipline and mental training required to reach their potential athletically and personally. Stressing the importance of “Purposeful Training,” they assist clients of all ages through education and development.

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