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Rachel Hickey Manual Osteopath

Address:450 Central Ave., Suite LL 99
London, ON, N6B 2E8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:North London

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Category:Personal Services

Manual osteopathy is recognized as one of the safest non-invasive, hands-on therapies available for the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. An assessment is done holistically to find the root cause of the issue; including posture, range of motion, and palpation. Then, treatment is done through several techniques that will stretch and strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other tissue, helping to balance the body for optimal health and wellbeing. The overall goal is to promote self-healing and self-regulating, re-align the body, and fix lost function to prevent dysfunction in the future. Most patients feel immediate relief following treatment and experience very minimal side effects. Offering 30-60 minute follow-up appointments.

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