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RW Sharpening/ Frontier Man Beard Co

Address:900 King St.
London, ON, N5w 2x7

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village

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  • Features:
    • Offers Curbside Pickup

Category:Retail / Personal Services / Professional Services / Services / Miscellaneous

RW Sharpening is a Lifestyle business that offers many different aspects of our life and passions under the name RW Services. RW Sharpening can sharpen knives, scissors and other small items on the spot while you are shopping. And other pieces to be done in the main workshop in Lambton Shores to be brought back on the Sunday or following weekend. They can help you with sharpening and repair needs for your home items, hobby, professional, and farm. (Including large and small animal clippers) Our sales include a variety of fixed and pocket knives along with a beautiful choice of German kitchen knives.

At the Market location, we also have a full selection of Frontier Man Beard and Shaving items to choose from. Oils, soaps, artisan (locally made), and other random cool gifts, or for treating yourself. A great little men’s store!

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