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Skilled Accents

Address:1510 Woodcock St., Unit 21
London, ON, N6G 5S1

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Hyde Park

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  • Features:
    • Offers Curbside Pickup

Category:Retail / Indigenous, Black, Person of Colour (IBPoC) Owned Business

Skilled Accents is a social enterprise founded by Kay Habib, an interior designer who believes in making a difference in the community., Kay formed her interior design business SkillDecor and saw a need for repurposing unused fabrics in the local community to help our planet. She started Skilled Accents specifically for this need. The vision is to reduce unemployment in local marginalized communities while also reducing fabric waste. We employ refugee women located here in London and have a triple bottom line for our business, People, Planet and Purpose.

Once Covid struck our community, Skilled Accents began producing non-medical reusable fabric masks. We also offer décor consultations, custom orders and accept donations that are recyclable. Our social enterprise relies on networking and support of the community. Other than our products, we want our story to stay with people.

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