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Skye Health

Address:627 Maitland St., Unit 1
London, ON, N5Y 2V7

Districts / Neighbourhoods:North London

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Category:Professional Services / Indigenous, Black, Person of Colour (IBPoC) Owned Business

SKYE HEALTH is an innovative health collective providing Massage Therapy, Pilates classes, and Physiotherapy services to residents of London, Ontario. Our Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Massage Therapy services are offered in a light-filled, family-friendly, and welcoming space. Our clinicians specialize in providing exceptional patient care and are committed to restoring optimal function. We want to help you feel better, move better and thrive.
Located in the Piccadilly Area Neighbourhood in the newly renovated Ironworks Building, SKYE was established in 2008 as a boutique Physiotherapy Clinic and Pilates studio. In 2018, we grew and expanded into SKYE HEALTH and relocated to the Ironworks Building. At SKYE HEALTH our mission is optimal health and well-being for our patients and each other.

A Top Choice for Physiotherapists in London. Their physiotherapists bring together a diverse experience base in Orthopedics, Rehab Pilates, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Spinal and Sports Injury Management, Workplace Injuries, Women's Health, Pain Management, and Rehabilitation. they have a collective experience, a thirst for knowledge, and a process that works!
Their goal is to assist patients to gain improved performance, recover faster and prevent further complications. The Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy practitioners at SKYE HEALTH bring a wealth of experience in Manual Therapy, Sports Medicine, Functional Movement, Rehab Pilates, and IMS/Dry Needling. But most importantly: they love what we do!

Treatments include manual therapy, joint mobilization, electrotherapy, taping and bracing, IMS/dry needling, acupuncture, and exercise rehabilitation including Rehab Pilates. Their focus is on resolving pain and limitation and restoring optimal function and mobility.

With their in-depth understanding of musculoskeletal disorders and biomechanics, we offer effective therapy for the following:

Back and Neck Pain


Pre/Post Natal Pelvic and Back Pain

Sports Injuries & Postural Problems

Motor Vehicle and Workplace Injuries

Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Their relaxed environment provides the perfect space for recovery and treatment. Contact them today to learn how they can make a difference in your life!

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