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Something Wicca

Address:615 A Richmond St.
London, ON, N6A 3G3

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Downtown London

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  • Features:
    • Offers Curbside Pickup


Blessings from Something Wicca! They are your one-stop shop for all your witchy needs such as: altar supplies, tarot and divination, crystals; tumbled, raw and carved. They have incense sticks, cones and accessories as well as smudge bundles. For natural healing they have essential oils, skincare, herbs and teas. They also have a variety of statuary such as goddesses, dragons, faeries, cats, owls and more! This is a family run business, MJ and Marie run the shop together. Their business has been working towards a physical location for over 12 years and as of 2023 our hard work has paid off. They have a saying in their shop that they use in their home life "Hate has no home here". Everyone and anyone is welcome in their shop! They provide sensory friendly shopping hours for our AUTISTIC, ADHD, ADD, etc. customers. All service animals are welcome there as well. They strive to make their shop feel like home and to be a safe space for their customers.

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