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Sweet! Brigadeiros

Address:900 King St.
London, ON, N5W 2X7

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village

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  • Features:
    • Accessible
    • Vegan Menu
  • Dining Options:
    • Takeout
    • Delivery

Category:Food & Drink

Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) a Brazilian delicacy, is an essential element at every party and celebration in Brazil. Their gourmet version is made using Belgian chocolate and just the best quality ingredients locally sourced, to make 20+ different flavours. Keeping in mind most of the dietary restrictions, this is a line of Vegan/Gluten Free brigadeiros.
Sweet! Brigadeiros focus is to makes a high-quality unique product, with a beautiful presentation, so they can be part of any event, private or corporate (custom packages available).
Our menu also includes Gluten free cheese buns, coconut tarts, and mousses and desserts as well as regular and vegan creamsicles and Brazilian style cakes.

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