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Union Ten Distilling Co.

Address:656 Dundas St.
London, ON, N5W 2Y8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village

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  • Features:
    • Accessible
    • Vegetarian Menu
    • Vegan Menu
    • Offers Curbside Pickup
  • Dining Options:
    • Indoor Dining
    • Patio Dining
    • Takeout

Category:Food & Drink / Entertainment / Retail

At Union Ten Distilling, they’re in the business of making spirits and raising them too. The collection of handcrafted spirits and cocktails are made with thoughtfully-sourced, natural ingredients. Distilled in small-batches in our copper stills, and finished in various woods and whisky barrels, their spirits boast bold flavours with top-shelf finishes.
Whether you prefer the smooth, warm finish of a Canadian Applejack, or favour the taste of unique botanicals inspired by Canada’s great wilderness, these premium liquors offer something for everyone.
They are proud to be a part of London’s Old East Village, and hope to be a communal destination for locals and visitors to learn about the distilling process and the rich artisanal history of our community.
If you’d like to learn more about their products or process, you can to join a Tour & Tasting, or simply make Union Ten Distilling your next night out.
They can’t wait to meet you, and appreciate your choice to support local.

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