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Wilma Technologies

Address:Suite # 194 718-333 Brooksbank Ave.
North Vancouver, ON, V7J 3V8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Downtown London, North London, South London

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Wilma is no ordinary ride hailing service. They are an alternative, hassle-free ride hailing service dedicated to the safety and empowerment of women and gender diverse folks. A Wilma membership helps ensure a woman can get from point A to B unbothered. By creating a safe and trusted space for women to travel and work within the gig economy, we are committed to being her ride of choice. With Wilma's unique subscription model comes a community of safety and sisterhood, where you'll be connected with like-minded women who share our vision for this incredible movement. Get riding with Wilma in London now.
Our Rider members benefit from Wilma:
- Pay NO industry-standard booking fees – saving you approx. $5 on every ride (Standard ride rates apply)
- Guests of any gender are welcome to join your ride
- Peace of mind, knowing a female Wilma Driver is at the wheel
Our Drivers get more:
- 85% of every fare goes into your pockets, plus all tips!
- Drive anytime, not just the safest times
- Peace of mind, knowing a female Wilma member is in your vehicle
- Big discounts through our Driver Partner Perks

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