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Woodland Cemetery, Mausoleum, and Crematorium

Address:493 Springbank Dr.
London, ON, N6J 1H3

Districts / Neighbourhoods:North London

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Category:Miscellaneous / Services / Not For Profit / Professional Services

Woodland Cemetery, Mausoleum and Crematorium is a not-for-profit organization owned and operated by St. Paul’s Cathedral Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of Huron, established in 1879 to replace St. Paul’s Grove Cemetery. Originally a 56-acre property, Woodland had grown to just under 100 acres of beautiful and tranquil landscape, which currently accommodates over 50,000 burials. Woodland is a non-denominational cemetery with a wide variety of people from different cultures and religions choosing to make it their final resting place.
Positioned on the Thames River in London, the cemetery is a home to local wildlife, including deer, owls, and red tail hawks which can regularly be observed from the office. Offering an idyllic place for families to lay their loved ones to rest, Woodland is a historical landmark in the city of London. With the introduction of Funeral Services Division in May 2016, Woodland Cemetery, Mausoleum, and Crematorium is now able to serve families who wish to take care of all their cremation and burial needs in one place rather than having to use multiple providers.

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