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Yaya's Kitchen

Address:630 Dundas St.
London, ON, N5W 2Y8

Districts / Neighbourhoods:Old East Village

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  • Features:
    • Vegan Menu
  • Dining Options:
    • Takeout
    • Indoor Dining
    • Delivery

Category:Food & Drink / Indigenous, Black, Person of Colour (IBPoC) Owned Business

One of a Kind.
Yaya's Kitchen is a curated culinary space in the heart of the Old East Village. They feature the foods of the African Sahel while being inspired by the Global Black Experience. We are neither an African Restaurant or a Caribbean Restaurant. We are all of these things and none of these things at the same time. They offer a tasting menu lunch on Thursdays, An Afro Vegan tasting menu Dinner on Fridays and a Tasting menu Dinner on Saturdays. This is an experience.
They also host a street food menu Saturday afternoons as well.
Their menu changes all the time while being locally sourced and inspired. The restaurant is also located in the Old Candy Factory Building, the new Old East Village Market.

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